Newsletter, Summer 2022

Dear Colleagues and Friends

It has been a hot and hardworking summer among the ESNCH community!

Amidst all the activity we would like to update our members on the most recent developments and announcements, as well as some reminders separated by topic below.

26th ESNCH Conference in Lisbon, 14 – 16 October, 2022
The ESNCH 2022 Conference is fast approaching. Each abstract was reviewed by three members of the scientific commission and the feedback clearly showed a very high quality of abstracts. All abstracts have now been attributed a presentation time and the final program has been completed, with an outstanding level of scientific content. 

We have received registrations from all over the world, ensuring priceless networking opportunities, one of the major goals of the conference, overcoming the contact limitation between groups in recent years due to the COVID pandemic.

At this point we would like to invite all the ESNCH community to attend the conference, further increasing the possibility of networking and sharing clinical, technical and scientific experiences.

Parallel to the conference we will have meetings all major activities of the society: Working Groups, Council of Nations, Executive Committee, and Network of European Reference Centers in Neurosonology. There will be ample opportunities for all ESNCH members to engage and actively participate in the structure of the ESNCH. 

The Teaching Courses will cover all different levels with the most recent advances in the field, allowing trainees to learn and practice hands-on with the major worldwide experts. There are still vacancies in all Courses but they are becoming scarce! Do not miss your spot!

Finally, the commission of the International Certification in Neurosonology has been working hard to ensure the success of this year’s exam, particularly considering the introduction of its new format.

For more information on all aspects of the conference, please visit the conference website.

Prizes and Awards
The following prizes will be distributed during the Conference: 

a) ESNCH 2022 best poster awards. Three posters will be recognised as best presentations by a specific jury. Each winner will be awarded:

  • ESNCH Prize Certificate
  • Free ESNCH membership for one year

b)  ESNCH 2022 best oral communication. The best oral presentation will be selected by a predetermined jury the presenting author will be awarded:

  • ESNCH Prize Certificate
  • Free ESNCH membership for one year

c) David Russell Young Neurosonologist Research Award. This award will follow predetermined criteria, published in the ESNCH website. The prize will include:

  • ESNCH Prize Certificate
  • ESNCH public promotion
  • Financial support with 1.000€

ESNCH Working Groups
The ESNCH Working Groups have also been very active. An overall digital meeting took place in July, setting clear objectives to be achieved in the short and medium term. We will start seeing their efforts in this year’s conference! Each group will present their activities, allowing all the ESNCH to stay informed and to attract all those potentially interested that are still not involved. It`s not too late to join a Working Group!

Council of Nations
The Council of Nations will have its inaugural meeting during the 2022 ESNCH conference. This ESNCH organ has been gathering worldwide ambassadors and is planned to be critical for the outreach of the society and the Neurosonology community as a whole! If your country still does not have an ambassador represented, please make sure to nominate a colleague suitable for the role! You can find more information here.

ESNCH Meeting 2023 and 2024
As previously announced, in 2023 the yearly meeting of the ESNCH will take the form of an International Training Course and the location has already been decided: it will be in Zadar, Croatia, from 22nd to the 25th of June 2023! Mark your calendars! It will be four days of intensive hands-on learning and experience-sharing in a unique event! All this in the idyllic setting of the Adriatic coast.

The ESNCH 2024 yearly meeting will again have the format of conference, but the location is still not decided. Make sure to apply for the organization of ESNCH 2024 by submitting your proposal by email to the society’s secretary:

ESNCH Executive Committee Nomination and Voting
A new member for the ESNCH Executive Committee will be elected and announced during the Lisbon conference. The voting will will be conducted by online system, and the results will be announced in the General Assembly (15th October). All ESNCH paying members can vote, both those attending the conference and those who will stay at home.

We are hereby sending a reminder that the deadline to nominate candidates is the 1st of September. Please send your proposal to the Secretary General of the ESNCH Election Committee: The applications should be sent by an ESNCH member that proposes the candidate, and should include the following documents regarding the proposed member:  

  1. A short half page CV summary of the member proposed.
  2. Confirmation that the proposed member is willing to accept the position if elected.
  3. The proposed member must agree to promote the ESNCH in their respective countries.

All proposing members and members who are proposed must be fully paid members of the ESNCH.

We would like to send a note from our Treasurer: please remember to pay your annual membership fee of 25€. Payment can be performed by bank transfer following the instructions on the website. 

We end this newsletter renewing our invitation to all the ESNCH community. Come and join us in our 2022 conference, marking the return to fully in-person events! We will see you soon!

Very best regards,
Branko Malojcic
ESNCH President
João Sargento Freitas
ESNCH Secretary General