11th Newsletter

Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to present the Society’s 11th Newsletter.

After 10 years of consolidated experience, the ESNCH is the world’s largest society in the field of neurosonology and cerebral hemodynamics. Many neurosonological events took place during the last year all over Europe under the auspices of the ESNCH; this witnesses a growing interest in this field. Our Society is projected into the future with the aim of defining the neurovascular standards in Europe and becoming world leader in basic and clinical neurovascular research. It is already an excellent forum for young researchers to present their work and to gain experience in the prestigious laboratories of our senior members.

Since there is a need for a homologated international training and certificate in neurosonology, the ESNCH in association with the Neurosonology Research Group of the World Federation of Neurology formed an ad hoc commission whose role is to standardize the procedures that lead to an International Certification in Neurosonology. The certificate that will be released upon a successful examination will allow the candidate to teach Neurosonology: for all those interested in participating to the examination, you can read all the conditions at the following website: www.neurosonology2008.it

The 11th Meeting of the ESNCH took place in Dusseldorf, a bustling metropolis in the federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, from May 14th to 16th 2006, and Prof. Mario Siebler was the Chairman. The meeting, which reflected the current established applications of ultrasound and the basic studies in neurosonology, was a success, since there were more than 400 participants coming from 40 different countries; the tutorials and lectures were very successful and attracted great interest among the participants.

The 12th Meeting of the ESNCH took place from May 26th to May 29th 2007 in one of the most beautiful capital cities of the world: Budapest, Hungary. This natural setting and the experience of Prof L. Csiba, the Chairman of the meeting, made this conference an everlasting memory for all of those who participated. The scientific success was determined by the work of more than 300 participants who came from 43 different countries, many from Eastern and Central Europe, and by the association with the 13th Meeting of the Neurosonology Research Group of the World Federation of Neurology. This was the first conference where both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise were tested by a formal examination. Unforgettable was also the social program with a vespertine boat trip along the Danube.

During the 12th Meeting of the ESNCH, there was also a touching moment dedicated to the memory of Prof. Merril Spencer in remembrance of all the tremendous and pioneering work done by him in Neurosonology. Mrs Spencer presented the ESNCH poster prize named for the occasion “The Merril Spencer poster Award”, in agreement with the decisions made by the executive committee of our Society. During the General Assembly, Prof. Furuhata was named Honorary Member of the ESNCH for his outstanding and pioneering work in Neurosonology.

Our Society is very vital and a series of meetings are already scheduled within the next few months. 1. The 13th annual Meeting will be held in Genova, Italy, from May 10th to May 13th 2008, and Dr. Massimo Del Sette will be our organizing Chairman; you will find a first announcement of the meeting below.

2. At the beginning of September a very special event will take place in Bertinoro, Italy (see announcement below): the 1st Residential Training Course of the ESNCH. Since one of the missions of our Society is to educate future Neurosonologists, such a course sets the basis for an International Certification in Neurosonology.

The vitality of our Society is also well expressed by the turnover of its officers: after many years serving as Secretary, Prof. J. Klingelhofer was named web-master of the ESNCH and was given the responsability of the official web-site of the Society. Dr. C. Baracchini replaced him as Secretary of the ESNCH. Also Prof. E. Bartels left her role of treasurer to Prof. M. Sturzenegger while she has become the ESNCH representative within the Commission for International Certification in Neurosonology. Two new members recently joined the Executive Committee (Dr C. Molina and Prof. M. Siebler) and they also will add their experience and bring new ideas to our Society.

We wish you all a very successful year, and we are looking forward to seeing you in Genova, Italy, in May.

Cordially yours,

K. Niederkorn
President of the ESNCH

C. Baracchini
Secretary of the ESNCH