Newsletter, March 2022

Dear Colleagues and Friends

It is Spring time in ESNCH!

The month of March marked the beginning of Spring for ESNCH! Many activities blossomed, others continued their ongoing activity. Here are some updates on these activities: 

  • The Executive Committee of the ESNCH met in early March in Lisbon for an hybrid meeting, including a visit to the 2022 Conference venue. Important organizational decisions were made, all aiming to modernize and increase the outreach of the society and its scientific production. 
  • Abstract submission opened for the ESNCH Conference 2022. As of 1 March, the main breakthrough developments can be submitted for presentation in this year’s conference. Please submit your work now to discuss it with the neurosonological community at the 26th ESNCH Conference in Lisbon. The portal will be open until 30 June 2022
  • Council of Nations is gathering the final proposals for ESNCH ambassadors in countries worldwide. This newly formed panel will surely be a landmark in the global landscape of Neurosonology. Thank you for all those that have already expressed interest, and a special note of consideration to the work of the Council of Nations coordinators: Claudio Baracchini and Elsa Azevedo! 
  • The outreach of ESNCH in social media has reached an unprecedented near 2000 views in many publications. Please continue to follow us and invite all Neurosonological friends to join our community in FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

Working groups are continuing their intense activity. We expect the presentation of important developments and projects to be presented in the ESNCH 2022 Conference. 

  • Collaborations – this spring we have three scientific activities of the ESNCH at related conferences and hope to meet you at these sessions. 
  1. ESNCH-ESO joint symposium during ESOC 2022, 5 May at 15:00 in Lyon, France. 
  2. Joint ESNCH / EFSUMB Session during EUROSON 2022, 27 May at 15:00 in Timisoara, Romania.
  3. ESNCH-EAN Hands-on Course during the 8th EAN conference, 26 June at 16:45 in Wien, Austria. 
  • A particular note is devoted to the Zadar Summer School of Neurosonology and Stroke Management. It will be held 23-25 June in Zadar, Croatia. We will have three days of full dedication to Neurosonology and Stroke management with ample time for hands-on sessions, in the idyllic setting of the Croatian shoreline. Spaces are still open, apply now.
  • We end with a note from our Treasurer: please remember to pay your annual membership fee of 25€. Payment can be performed by bank transfer (details can be found here) and supports the ongoing activities of the ESNCH. Do not forget to re-new your annual membership to stay neurosonologically updated and to obtain conference and meetings discounts! 

Very best regards,
Branko Malojcic
ESNCH President
João Sargento Freitas
ESNCH Secretary General