9th Newsletter – Report of the Treasurer

Dear colleagues and friends,

as I stated in my last report, I am pleased to inform you that the financial situation of the European Society of Neurosonology and Cerebral Hemodynamics is stable and sound. Enclosed you can find the balance of the account of the Society for the year 2005.

The membership of the ESNCH has been growing constantly. In comparison with the previous years, I am happy to inform you that the payment morality regarding membership fees has improved considerably last year. Thank you very much for your support of our Society.

As in 2004, also in the year 2005 the current costs of the Society (which continue to be kept at a minimum level) could be covered fully by the income from membership fees. In comparison to the year 2004, this income increased by 11.2%. On the attached graph, you can follow the development of the income from membership fees since the year 2000.

Please let me make a practical suggestion in this connection. It is sometimes impossible in the case of foreign bank transfers to match the membership fee to the person. I would like to ask you therefore to make sure that the name of the member appears on the bank transfer. In the case of credit card transfers, please be sure that the complete number of your credit card and the expiration date are clearly legible on the membership form which you received. Your help on these points will be greatly appreciated.

I wish you a stimulating and pleasant stay in Düsseldorf during the 10th Meeting of the ESNCH.

Yours sincerely,
Eva Bartels