Council of Nations

The Council of Nations (CoN) is one of the main organs of the ESNCH and  is charged with ensuring international scientific cooperation.

Each country representative, defined as Ambassador of the ESNCH, has the objective of disseminating Neurosonology, promoting ultrasound courses and meetings in his/her country and recruiting new members to the Society.

The Ambassadors are elected as the respected experts in Neurosonology. The Ambassadors are nominated by the CoN coordinators, after recommendation from national representatives as respected experts in Neurosonology.

Among the national experts, an advantage in the nomination will be given to those already proven as active promotors of neurosonology (organisers of local scientific meetings and teaching courses), preferably being also members of the national neurosonological societies, if such exist.

The Ambassador’s work is assessed every 2 years for possible renewal.

Below this announcement you will find a list of all the countries with an Ambassador identified. If your country is not yet listed, please contact ESNCH proposing a Neurosonologist, and mention why yourself/he/she should be included.

The CoN held its first meeting in Lisbon at the ESNCH conference, October 14-16 2022.

Country Name Family name
Coordination Claudio Baracchini
Coordination Elsa Azevedo
AL Albania Erion Dushi
AT Austria Markus Kneihsl
BE Belgium Sylvie De Raedt
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina Dzevdet Smajlovic
HR Croatia Arijana Lovrencic Huzjan
CZ Czech Republic Ondrej Škoda
DK Denmark Sverre Rosenbaum
EE Estonia Toomas Toomsoo
FI Finland Petra Ijäs
FR France Nathalie Nasr
DE Germany Erwin Stolz
GR Greece Giorgos Tsivgoulis
HU Hungary Laszló Olah
IT Italy Edoardo Vicenzini
LV Latvia Galina Baltgaile
LT Lithuania Jurgita Valaikiene
LU Luxembourg Dirk Droste
MK Macedonia Anita Arsovska
ME Montenegro Sandra Vujovic
NL Netherlands Arjen Schaafsma
NO Norway Mona Skjelland
Country Name Family name
PL Poland Grzegorz Kozera
PT Portugal Pedro Castro
RO Romania Dafin Muresanu
RS Serbia Aleksandra Pavlovic
SK Slovakia Vladimír Nosal
SI Slovenia Janja Pretnar Oblak
ES Spain Jessica Fernandez Dominguez
SE Sweden Christine Kremer
CH Switzerland Fabienne Perren
TR Turkey Nevzat Uzuner
UA Ukraine Liliia Zviagina
GB United Kingdom Sara Mazzucco
Georgia Marina Alpaidze
Israel Natan Bornstein
South Korea Hee-Jung Song
Iran Siavash Adybeig
Saudi Arabia Maged Elhaddad
Indonesia Giraianto Tjandrawidjaja
USA Zolt Garami
Costa Rica Manuel Carvajal
South America Rita Fernandes
Egypt Shaimaa El-Jaafary
India Methil Pradeep

The CoN coordinators,

Elsa Azevedo

Claudio Baracchini