Impressions from the Neurosonology Teaching Course in Budapest in 2010

Neurosonology Teaching Course 11-12, March 2010

The Hungarian Neurosonological Society organized its third teaching course this March for ca. 60 participants. Because we have received numerous requests from neighboring countries to organize a course and exam for English speaking colleagues too, we decided to organize a parallel ESNCH course with international participation. Sixteen colleagues came to the course from the following countries:

Bulgaria Rumania Spain
Belgian Poland Lettland

At the end of the course, five colleagues passed the exam.
The invited speakers were C. Baracchini the secretary of ESNCH, Mario Siebler (Düsseldorf) member of executive committee, Ekaterina Titianova (Sofia) who introduced us her recently published book on neurosonology. Theoretical lectures and practical demonstrations (on out-patients of neurological departments of Budapest) were organized.

Thanks to the excellent collaboration with Hungarian partners, not only the theoretical but also the practical part of the course was successful. Because of the high standards only 5 from 12 people could pass the exam. The conference was organized in the four-star Helia Thermal Hotel of Budapest. The service, food was excellent and the well-known Tibor trio helped us by relaxing with turbulent dancing.