Impressions from the 3rd Baltic Summer School of Neurosonology in Riga

The 3rd Baltic Summer School of Neurosonology (BSSN) under auspice of ESNCH took place in Riga, on August 23rd. The conference was held one day and attracted 60 participants from Latvia and Lithuania. The main lecture “The examination of venous system of neck and head by ultrasound” was presented by one of the worldwide expert in this field – professor Jose Valdueza (Germany). Theoretical lecture followed by practical demonstration aroused many questions about normal findings and pathology of cerebral venous circulation. The chairperson of 3rd BSSN Galina Baltgaile presented the lecture “The value of cerebral vasodilative and vasoactive agents in therapy of cerebral Ischemia”. The theoretical basis of pathogenesis of vertebral artery dissection and clinical cases were demonstrated by Dr. Grzegorz Kozera (Poland). Reasons for intracranial arteries stenosis in young woman were summarized in lecture with demonstration of clinical case by professor Dalius Jatuzis (Lithuania). Neurologist from Riga Tatjana Timofejeva presented the clinical case of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular complications after the treatment of breast cancer. Conference ended with the presentation of carotid fibromuscular dysplasia complicated by aneurysm and dissection with the clinical examples of endovascular treatment, demostrated by the radiologist Maija Radzi?a from Latvia.