Formation of the Society
The formation of the European Society of Neurosonology an Cerebral Hemodynamics (ESNCH) was proposed by Professor David Russell in a letter to leading European Scientists in this field in December 1993.

In August 1994 Professor Russell sent a more general invitation to European Scientists inviting them to attend an inaugural meeting during the 8th International Cerebral Hemodynamics Symposium which was organized by Professor E.B. Ringelstein in Münster, Germany from 25th – 27th September 1994. The inaugural meeting of the ESNCH was held on 26th September 1994.

The first meeting of the ESNCH was organized by Professor J. Klingelhöfer and PD Eva Bartels in Munich, Germany from 29th August – 1st September 1996. The statutes of the Society were accepted by a General Assembly on 27th May 1997 during the 2nd Meeting of the ESNCH which was organized by Professor R.G. Ackerstaff from 25th – 28th May 1997.

The first Executive Committee consisted of Professor D. Russell ( President ), Professor J. Klingelhöfer ( secretary ), PD Eva Bartels ( treasurer ), Professor R.G. Ackerstaff, Professor D. Grosset, Professor K. Niederkorn, Professor E.B. Ringelstein, Professor E. Zanette. The society was, following this meeting, registered as a non-profit organisation, in Oslo, Norway.