4th Meeting of the ESNCH in Venice

The 4th meeting of the ESNCH was held in Venice, Italy, April 10th – 13th, 1999.

The president of the meeting was Professor E. Zanette. More than 200 excellent platform and poster presentations, as well as tutorials reflected impressively the interest in this meeting and its scientific significance. The substantial number of more than 400 attendees did not only come from Europe, but also from North America, Asia and Australia. “The Fondazione Cini” on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore was such a memorable venue, that more than 200 years ago Goethe honoured it by saying: “There is no place which stands comparison with the space opposite piazza San Marco; I mean that great mirror of water which is embraced like a crescent by the city itself. Beyond this expanse of water, one can see on the left the island of San Giorgio Maggiore”.