European Society of Neurosonology and Cerebral Hemodynamics (ESNCH)
European Society of Neurosonology and Cerebral Hemodynamics (ESNCH)
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Why to become a member? | European Society of Neurosonology and Cerebral Hemodynamics (ESNCH)


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Why to become a member?



Greetings from the former President

Caricature of the former president
Why to become a member of the European Society of
Neurosonology and Cerebral Hemodynamics, the ESNCH?
You have many good reasons!



History and present status

The ESNCH was found in May, 27 1997 by Prof. David Russell (Founding President).
At present the society has 570 members, and 46 countries are represented (2002).
To get even more powerful, you should become a member as well.



Other societies are mainly anonymous.

ESNCH provides familarity and a forum for young researchers
This society provides familarity and is an excellent forum for young researchers to present their work



The members of this society...

Members of the ESNCH represent a medical elite
...represent a medical elite being able to correlate vascular findings with the clinical situation.


Ultrasound is... easy-to-access, dynamic, highly reliable and reproducible, very informative technique, enabling you to make therapeutic decisions.


You see...

Symbol for a thrombus attacked by ultrasound
...a multi-channel ultrasound probe attacking a thrombus in an artery, the beam already perforating the clot.



The add-value for sonographers is...

...the exchange of knowledge and the potential
scientific collaboration above the clinical routine.


This is true for all countries without any cultural barrier!



As a member...

As a member of the ESNCH you are up to date where ever you are will get the latest news and the
highest level of knowledge in the cerebrovascular field.



ESNCH is...

Symbol for the correlation between scientific expertise and money
...the presently most successful neurosonology group in the world.
The No.1 forum for the transfer of new ideas. The picture symbolically
demonstrates that scientific expertise is always not far from money.


Cerebrovascular ultrasound has revolutionized...

Symbol for cerebrovascular ultrasound as a problem solver
...our thinking on cerebrovascular diseases and the dynamics of stroke. Even the most tricky cerebrovascular problems have been solved so far and will be solved in the future.



We practice already the European community...

Symbol for the standardization and raise of performance by the ESNCH standardizing and raising the level of performance.


You may belong to this...

Symbol for the ESNCH as a pressure group
...pressure group!


Our fee is as deep as possible!

Symbol for the low membership fee
We do not waste money for superfluos trips, expensive dinners
and luxurious hotels of the officers.

Only 25 euro per year.



For you,...

Symbol for the ESNCH as an advertiser of cerebral ultrasound
...we advertise cerebral ultrasound
to whom ever you want us to do this.


For you we advertise...

Symbol for the ESNCH as an worldwide advertiser of cerebral ultrasound
 ...cerebral ultrasound
to whom ever you want
us to the scientific
community, even in the
remotest areas of the world.


Members of this society are...

Cartoon of an elephant representing ambitioned members of the ESNCH
...very active in teaching 
and learning.

ESNCH members are always
one step ahead.


Cerebrovascular ultrasound is a strongly developing field ...

Symbol for the developing and multifarious field of cerebrovascular ultrasound

... always with completely 
innovative facets.



ESNCH and its present highlights

Embolus detection

• Cerebral perfusion imaging

• Encapsulated drugs
e.g. gene delivery
• Shunt diagnosis

• Sonothrombolysis

• Targeted contrast agents 
for molecular imaging


Embolus detection

Symbol for the detection of an embolus



Symbol for a sonothrombolysis


Encapsulated drugs

Symbol for encapsulated drugs


You quickly get the global view!

Symbol for the leading scientific role of the ESNCH
• As a member you define the neurovascular standards in Europe and beyond.
• As a member you get updated and very detailed information about the clinical
  meaning of ultrasound in acute and chronic cerebrovascular diseases



Our officers...

Symbol for the ESNCH as a strong and influencial society
...have strong relations to 
other important
European neurological
e.g. the EFNS Task
Forces or European
Stroke Council.

This makes your
society strong and


Cerebrovascular ultrasound has...

Symbol for the promising role of cerebrovascular ultrasound
...a promising
future in a world of shortening resources



Ultrasound is... compatible with a
clean and humane world.

Simultaneously, we care for one of the
most frequent diseases, i.e. any type of stroke.

We also care for the most complex entity
in the universum, i.e. the human brain.


The society annually supports...

...the International Congress on Neurosonology and Cerebral Hemodynamics to be held in annually changing European countries. 

You will have add-value by being within a functioning society, which organizes a high-rank ultrasound meeting every year.
As a member you will get a reduced fee.


As a member...

...using the website of the 
society you will have the possibility to chat
with leading scientists in the field of
neurosonology and cerebral hemodynamics.

You will also get the abstracts of the annual
ESNCH meeting and special key articles
presented on our website free of charge.

Eventually you may also get books by mailing.


You are member of...

Symbol for the importance of the ESNCH international well-known
society. This may be
important for your
curriculum vitae.


The executive commitee...

...of the ESNCH shown in the following picture cordially invites you to join us and welcomes you as a member of this society. Thank you very much!
Viktor Mathias Laszlo Jürgen Eva
Kurt Rob Bernd Natan

You are cordially welcome by all of us!